Friday, January 6, 2012


Alhamdulillah. Done with my viva. Dr. William, you totally make my day! Seriously! 

Walaupun semalam kecewa banyak sebab tak dapat buat viva, tunggu dari pukul 9 pagi, petang pulak ada paper Operations Management tapi rupanya he is such a nice-cool-awesome guy. Rasa berbaloi sangat. Terima kasih! Mana nak carik lecturer kira markah pelajar pakai Excel.. Haha

Yang belum viva, selamat berjaya! Cepat atau lambat bukan penentu, yang penting habis semester ni kita semua grad. InsyaAllah..

psss: Kredit to Najwa Sofwani, lagu baru Zivilia Band - Aishiteru 2

bila cinta tak terbalas
janji hanya tinggal janji
sakit hati yang ku rasa

sekian lama ku menunggu
saat-saat ku bersamamu
dan kini aku kembali

siksa menanggung rindu
semua sia-sia

aishiteru bukti cinta untukmu
namun yang ku beri tak pernah kau hargai
demi cinta kita ku korbankan segalanya
semua yang kita lewati selalu ada dalam ingatan

cinta memang penuh misteri
tiada yang tahu artinya
seperti yang aku rasakan

selalu ingin di dekatmu
dan buat engkau tersenyum
namun tangis yang ku dapat

siksa menanggung rindu
semua sia-sia

ai ai aishiteru bukti cinta untukmu
namun yang ku beri tak pernah kau hargai lagi
demi cinta kita ku korbankan segalanya
semua yang kita lewati selalu ada dalam ingatan, aishiteru

jiwa ini tlah pergi bersama semua kenangan
hampa hidup di dalam luka

ai ai aishiteru bukti cinta untukmu
namun yang ku beri tak pernah kau hargai lagi
demi cinta kita ku korbankan segalanya
semua yang kita lewati selalu ada dalam ingatan, aishiteru

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

#17 Wordless Wednesday - Hari jadi

Selamat hari jadi rumet! Ni first time sambut kat utp kan? :-]

Senyum! Penang 2011

psss: Rumet ni, waktu orang nak buat surprise kat dia, waktu tu jugaklah dia nak iron baju. Aishh

Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday yawww

Monday! Monday! Monday! 
And my Monday is always like this

 Cute version

Real version

Let see how we can beat Monday blues:
  1. Procrastinate feeling blue. Is a gloomy cloud forming above your head? Ignore it – you’ll give your attention to it later, not now.
  2. Wear your best clothes or the cheeriest colour from your wardrobe. You’d be surprise how much your clothes could affect the way you feel about yourself.
  3. Early start - Bad things happen when you are late, the tension level is high, you are in a rush, you don’t have time for breakfast, when you arrive at your office, people are shoving work into your face. It may seem like a punishment to wake up earlier on Monday but trust me, when you have enough time to organize yourself, you’ll feel like you can conquer the day easier.
  4. Treat yourself in the morning – Sit down and eat. Enjoy your food. Monday is Pancake Breakfast day for me, so I actually look forward to Monday mornings. But eat well - although it’s ok to treat yourself, make sure you eat well. I have a good serving of fruits along with my pancakes. Have enough to drink too - Your malaise could be a sign of dehydration.
  5. Have a list of why you’re having the blues – You might be surprised that there will be things on the list that you can easily work on to make your Mondays better. My problem used to be a completing work from last week (very difficult to gain momentum after a weekend break) which brings us to the next point:
  6. Complete as much work possible on Friday – You’ll have less work to worry about on Monday, which lead to the next point:
  7. Have everything laid out the day before – Your clothes, files, etc. Saves you a couple of minutes in the morning so that you can concentrate on other, more important things.
  8. Plan your day in small gentle steps. Apply micromovements throughout the day. You can use a GTD system or simply divide your day into of 1/2 – 1 hour chunks with a goal for each time unit.
  9. Talk to a friend – It’s most likely he/she is having the blues too. Keep your conversation short. Remember this is about taking comfort in the fact that you aren’t alone in this, not an hour-long bitchfest about XXX from marketing.
  10. Listen to happy songs – A tune can affect your mood. Let cheery, happy songs be the soundtrack to your Monday.
  11. Dance - Just move that body! Jog in place, stretch, do yoga. You’ll feel less lethargic.
  12. Laugh and smile. Recall happy memories or a good joke. If you can’t think of any, do it anyway (fake it till you make it) Some research is saying that even the thought of laughing raises your endorphin (feel-good hormones) levels and a fake laughter provides similar benefits to a real one.
  13. Affirmative statements – Today is a great day. I will complete my report today. Stick positive messages around your monitor and take them seriously.
  14. Choose to feel happy. If you don’t already know, being happy is a choice, so choose happiness!
  15. Buy something new for Monday – It doesn’t have to be big or expensive – a pen, a sketchbook, fancy post-it stickers. Monday is like a birthday for me- I get a present for myself nearly every week. I got myself a sticker for $1 today.
  16. Try something new - You’d be surprise how easy it is to feel energized by doing something you’ve never done before. A new dish, a new song, a new route to work.
  17. Start working. The thing about work is, it’s usually not the work that makes us tired, it’s the thought of starting work that makes us procrastinate and go into a cycle of unproductivity. Quit thinking about starting work and just work instead!
  18. Take short breaks – Too much work can be overwhelming and when this happens, it is easy for you to give up. Remember to take short breaks to recharge. If your schedule allows it, you can also take a 10 minute nap after lunch.
  19. Plan something special for Monday night – Meet a friend for dinner, rent a DVD. The day will be easier when you have something to look forward to.
  20. Do not get distracted. Youtube, Facebook, personal emails. Once you allow yourself to get distracted you will be sucked into hours of time-wasting activities. If you don’t have the discipline to limit your distraction to 10 minutes, don’t attempt to do it at all. Reading blogs like this is another time-sucker so now that you’ve reach the bottom of the list, why don’t you get working! :)
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psss: Honestly, I am not that kind of very-positive-treat-things-as-a-challenge-not-as-a-problem person, haha of course not. But hey, we are always free to choose how to start our day right? And I always choose to smile. (Even it always turn out to be muka-sememeh-lima-kupang).


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