Friday, January 16, 2009

Demo Against War In Gaza

Up to now, the medical officers of Palestine have confirmed that 42 people had died in Gaza alone, yesterday, adding up to the increasing number of death to near 1000 people. (Source: Berita Harian, 14Jan2009, 10.20am)

Therefore, the UTP management team has agreed to organise a demo agains war in Gaza after the friday prayers. The details of the demo is as follow:

Date ; 16 Jan 2009
Time: 2.15 pm
Attire: White shirt
Venue: in front of Masjid An-Nur

Everyone is invited to join. Funds will be collected for the Palestinians. This demo would be jointly organised by MPPUTP, RM, SRM, RCSU, FIRC, ISC and also supported by the management team of UTP.

p/s: dpetik dr jom2. ramai2 tunjukkn semangat & kemarahan kita bla saudara seagama kita dperlakukan sperti bnatang di negara sdri

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