Friday, November 13, 2009

surat CHENTA dr VJ

hmmm.. short la sangat kan~~

" The average performance of the class in Test 2 has been abominable. Giving in to your request, I made it an open book–open notes test, yet the questions were so straight forward, they were deserving of only a closed book test. A number of people have not been able to take advantage of that concession. It proves the following: Some of you had never opened the book before the test; many of you must have been absent to class and never bothered to make up what they missed. And some persons of the class have shamelessly copied. The pity is that such persons cannot even recognize if the answer they are blindly copying is right or wrong. All the warnings that I gave in class regarding the potential mistakes have gone totally unheeded. How else does one explain the following? To call them silly mistakes is being kind to you.

Some of the common mistakes seen in Test 2

1. Using Reynolds number for natural convection and Rayleigh number for forced convection

2. Interchanging property values of water and air.

3. Reading the values in the table wrongly; taking the wrong exponent.

4. Using turbulent correlation for laminar and vice versa.

5. Confusion between Celsius and Kelvin.

6. Confusion between kW and W.

7. I had said in class repeatedly that “Engineering is the art of dealing with approximations” and given any number of examples. I had implored you not to blindly use interpolation but to use judgment. Many of you have done just that, wasting a lot of time in interpolating for properties at 91oC, when the values are known at 90 C. (The error is about 0.25 %!) This, despite my warning, displays what is charmingly called in academics as ‘sheep mentality’. This is just one example.

8. For all those babe-in-the-woods kind of people in class, I had explained painstakingly about heat exchanger effectiveness and given several practical examples so that the idea may penetrate. But it was a waste of time, just as every other class had been a waste of time and effort.

Right in the beginning of the semester I had told you that I will not give free and undeserving passes and that I will not spoon-feed you. By way of a questionnaire, I had your responses promising a responsible attitude towards academics. I must state that I am sorely disappointed.

When one person can score 10 on 10, there is absolutely no justification for over 60 % of the class to get less than 5 on 10, with many zeroes too. It bothers me that such a lot of good money is squandered and no benefits accrue to the individual or to the nation. It makes a mockery of UTP’s vision and mission.

I had originally planned to give of my time over the weekend before the examination to help out those with last minute doubts. But I see that it will be yet another great waste of time.

You have done me a great favor. My heartfelt thanks for expressing your desire not to have me for Fluid Mech II. It would be impossible for me to stand such a group for one more semester. Let another person have that pleasure. All I can do now is to wish you good luck. "

p/s: ahakz.. heat oo heat.. kalo lecturer pon ley wat aku rasa down.. aigoooo~~

p/s: cuba kira ada berapa kali dia sebot "waste of time"???



bagaimana pula perasaan manusia yang ditarget oleh beliau..mcm aku, cha, raman dll...

kami kene struggle lg, tp kami msh xleh nk skor 10 over 10 test 2 aritu..mcm mane ea???

wani said...


tolong jawabkan!!


Mohaimin_Ichi said...

Huhu (cam tau je aku akan bukak post ni. XD)

Dr. Vijay kirenye ade care dia la nak tackle orang. Dia express feeling dia btol2. Dia x simpan feeling dia. Dia gtau orang ape orang silap. Dia kate ape efek dia, ape kesan dia. Dia kate ini, dia kate itu. Same la plak macam parent.

"Bazir duit mak je anta kau p utp, pandai ape pun tarak, baik g jual goreng pisang depan rumah je"

Bak kate dia, mcm jadi datuk yang kena amik kisah sal cucu. Dia sedar x sedar mmg dia wat gitu dari awal sem. Dia try nak ubah kite, dia "down"kan kita so kite bleh "up" pas tu. macam tgk anime, bleach ke, naruto ke, diorg lawan musuh, awal2 kalah, musuh "down"kan dia, diorg pun kuciwa, tapi diorg x benti situ je kan. diorg bangun balik, diorg try jugak, tup2, dapat kuasa baru la, dapat kalahkan musuh la. That's the power of "down"
Dr. Vijay suh kite muhasabah tu, tgk balik kesilapan kita, kita buat sumthing yang bagi dia nampak silap, so dia nak betulkan. tp dia bukan spoonfeeding. Dia xmo gtau korg direct mane btol mane salah. wat ni ke wat tu ke. ikut care ni ke care tu ke. dia suh kite fikir. fikir dalam2, jadi matang. gitu2. yang dapat rendah, kena tgk balik mane kelemahan, rasenye semua rendah2, ak pun rendah2. struggle gak nak faham ape yg nak kena wat.
Dan ayat2 down dia tu ayat pembakar semangat aku, macam kalau lepas kena marah dengan mak ayah la.
kena buktikan diorg tu salah,
kena buktikan sebenarnye ktorg lagi hebat. kalau x dpt A pun xpe, asalkan over dari expectation dia ok la.

sepam di sini.

wani said...

siyes moh.. ayat ko mmg wat aku terkedu kejap.. huhu ;)

mr nazree alehan.. hopefully word from moh will answer ur question...

Faraheen Hazirah said...

lecturer korg mrh ke? takutnye aku bace.. sedih pon ade..

wani said...

macam moh cakap.. dia mungkin tak marah tapi kuciwa ngan performance dak2 mechi ni..

da la tak perform.. nk suh fokus dalam kelas pon payah...

Najwa said...

huh..ape pun all da best heat transfer nanti try so hard la utk proved kat die yg kte xde la TERUK sgt smpi kne state waste of time byak2 kali


aku ok je..haha..stady je la mane ade peluang, selagi ade masa..sesungguhnya kejayaan hanya akan datang pada org yg berusaha shj, dan kejayaan tu jugak tgk pd usaha kite yang macam mane...

nk pulun pn masih ada masa, dan kami akan henshinkan diri untuk skor.haha


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